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Working holidays on Zante are amazing experience.

Working Holidays in Zante

So you've had an awesome time on Zante.

So awesome, that you committed to coming again next year.

Perhaps you met some nice people. Maybe hooked up with a cutie.

Had "The best night ever!" several times.

Now you've heard that you can come here, stay for the whole season and work in some of the best bars that you visited the previous year?

You can stay for four months on the island, in the sun, having great worker parties. Share accommodation with other workers, have a ton of experiences, and a time of your life.

Sure beats summer jobs at home, huh? (Unless you're from Hawaii or some other exotic country)

So many people are having Zante working holidays. And it feels like one big family!

You can become one of them, for sure!

Think about your time on Zante, and what you had. Enjoying the Sun and the beaches for the whole day and partying like crazy during the night until the dawn.

The next day it’s more of the same, until you start to feel like you’re living the party life! So, how about 4 months of awesomeness?

Pros & Cons of Zante working holidays

Zante is one of the best resorts to work abroad - it is simply an incredible place. Your working holiday will be taken at a pace here. Zante is the perfect combination of music, bars and party atmosphere with you working in the middle of it all.

Laganas is the primary party destination and offers the biggest number of bars, clubs, restaurants and other objects where you can find your summer job abroad. In this holiday atmosphere, you will have plenty of energy, and being all hype will make the time fly really fast. You’ll learn a ton of new stuff and you will enjoy it. Being a worker on Zante can get you many advantages, and we will give you the info about it. Also, there are always some problems or other stuff that can go wrong or things going the way didn't expect, and we will show you this as well.


  • Four months of sea, fun, partying, messing around, and earning money from it. What more one could ask for?
  • Special deals only for workers. You will get drinks, meals, tours, transport, everything at the lower rate than tourists.
  • Connections and friendships for a lifetime. Connections lead to better jobs, better accommodation, great stuff only for you, not to mention new friendships.
  • Getting to know Zante much better than average tourists. You will see more and experience more of this beautiful island than any other tourist.
  • Worker apparel that brings you style and feeling of being part of the community (shirts and wristbands). You'll be "one of the guys."
  • Fantastic parties only for workers. No tourists allowed here.


  • A significant step "out of the comfort zone". Many people are a bit afraid of doing this. Our advice to you is: Just go with the flow, get a mate who already did it or just travel in a group, you won't regret it.
  • Missing home - Varies from one person to another.
  • Sometimes it can wear you off, and you can't get enough sleep. Drains all the energy out of you, it is work after all.
  • It is difficult withstand all the hype and the engagement, the all-day buzzing. Sure thing you'll notice it, but after a day or two, when you get used to this, you'll love this life. And you'll get bored when you come home, instantly!
  • Spending and earning - you'll have to work for yourself and maintain your budget. Responsibility is necessary, and again, some don't handle this well.

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What type of jobs can I expect on a Zante working holiday?

There are a various jobs available on Zante for you to choose from.

  • Bar work - serving drinks, as a waiter or behind the bar
  • PR - approaching tourists and offering them deals for cheaper drinks, basically getting them into clubs
  • Ticket selling - for various events, to visitors and workers
  • Laughing gas (helium) - balloon girls, selling it to tourists
  • Selling shots - same as above, shot deals for individual prices
  • Glass collecting - collecting empty glasses and bottles for quick turnaround
  • Restaurant work - waiter, cook, cleaning, host/PR
  • Dancing - on stages, on tables, in bars, even in professional events
  • Security – providing security for various establishments
  • Photography - taking photos of events and parties
  • DJ-ing – playing music, keeping the crowd happy
  • Reps - getting people the deals they booked with companies, e.g. guides.

The type of work should suit your personality, and you need to figure out what kind of work suits yours. If you're communicative, you should be a PR. If you're a bit different from that and don't like engaging people, perhaps try the glass collecting job or some kitchen work. You get the point.

How about wages? What is the average salary I can earn on Zante?

The wages on Zante depend on your position and role in business. In the peak of the season, you can get as high as €100+ per day if you’re willing to work hard enough.

The average wage varies between €30-50 per shift, but top workers can easily double this (tips and commission included).

How much working hours per shift?

Again, this depends on your role. But sometimes, when you work for commission, you just forget about the time and just keep grinding till' you earn a load of money. Usual shifts in clubs are from 10pm-5am. During peak season, there is no day-off, whereas in other months you can get a one or two day off, you won’t get any in the peak of the season.

When should I come to Zante? What is the best time?

Jobs in Zante are available throughout the season from May to September. You can come whenever you like, but it is smart to go as early as possible because your chances of landing a job are going to be much slimmer in the peak of the season.

How to do it?

Firstly, you need to decide to do this. You need to be completely sure about it.

Secondly, if you have made up your mind, you'll need to book a flight or two, the accommodation and get settled in. Also, the booking process we explained before is not applicable here. (Try booking for four months anywhere and see what happens)

There are many services like AirPro, SummerTakeOver and PlayAwayAbroad that can help you and be your guide and support. They can sort you out in no time, but they will do it for a fee. You can’t pick the accommodation nor can you choose who will be your roommate (if you're traveling solo), and you'll get sorted up and advised by reps on what to do and where to go.

They offer services that provide you with a job, accommodation, and a flight, all in one. You get a 4-week accommodation, an introduction to the community, couple of parties, and you’re off to work once you get settled in with reps and everybody.

There aren't many flaws in this system, except you'll be paying more than you should, and you can end up with a job you don't like and a room/roommate you don't like. Also, after the contract time (yes, there is a contract) you have to get out of the room and you’ll need to find some other place. (With season nearing its peak, prices vary and grow, and everything is full).

The worst part - there is no thrill.

Like some of us, you can take a different approach. Simply get a one-way flight ticket, come to Zante, and search for the accommodation and after that, hit the streets for a job. When you research a bit, and "go with the flow", life gets much better and becomes more exciting. (We will cover this topic with a detailed guidepost)


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