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Zante Tips & Tricks

Holiday scams. Misdirection, frauds, or simple accidents that might occur if you don’t pay attention.

You may think this won't happen to you on Zante. Or you are thinking think "I'm aware of myself and my belongings."

But it happens. You get carried away. You didn’t think about it so it was easy to fall in trouble.

You didn't have all the info and you got hassled. Overpaid something.

Got lost. Or some of your belongings mysteriously "disappeared."

It happened again, and on your Zante holiday.

You know that feeling, right?

The numbers are real; they don't lie.

You could be in those figures if you're not prepared and well informed about how to take care of yourself. You need street knowledge, and tips and advice from an experienced friend.

There are many ways you can get robbed or hassled. (You wouldn't believe how easy this occurs.)

Insider Info

Simply put, they take advantage of so many careless tourists. Are you one of them?

You need to watch out

And follow tips and advice from Zante Holiday Insider

Many dangers are out there, so you better get familiar with Zante holiday knowledge  - the daily small stuff that you need to have in mind to go throughout the holiday without small unpleasant experiences if you don't want to tell stories at home how you got hassled.

Let's start with some basic stuff:

#Tip 1. Tap water in Zante is not safe to drink,

so you should buy bottled water instead. Supermarkets (Bigger ones) are the cheapest places to buy bottled water. The price varies from 50 cents maximum for the 500ml bottle in kiosks and bars. Also, you need to drink plenty of it, because it's hot in the summer season, and the dehydration is the one of the most common cases in the medical centers in Zante. It can spoil your holiday, so take care.

#Tip 2. Never walk back to your accommodation alone.

Especially if you're women. If you find yourself alone after dark by any chance, make sure you stay away from the dark and small alleys.

#Tip 3. If you go swimming,

then ensure that you have no valuables with you as they could disappear. Beach robberies are not uncommon, and the best advice for this situation is - don't take your new iPad or jewelry.

It is common practice that after parties, people go to chill out in the sea and finish the perfect night. If you do this, your belongings could be missing when you're back.

#Tip 4. Taxi Prices in Zante

If any taxi driver asks more than regular rates to go around, don't accept his high fare. Always ask how much will it cost you to get where you want to go before you start the ride. In Laganas for example, for any destination from the main strip it can't go over 5-8 euros. No matter where is your room.

#Tip 5. Don't say, "thank you."

before you have received your change, as it may well be misunderstood for the familiar Greek keep-the-change-code. Unless that is what you wanted first! (it is good practice to do it, if you would like to have great service next time. They will remember you like good customer then.)

#Tip 6. Don't gesture 'five' with your palm facing the Greek,

it may well be misunderstood for the emblematic moutza - national offensive and not so delicate hand gesture. Especially if you're asking for some directions.

#Tip 7. Repel the insects.

Mosquitoes can be annoying every single day in Zante. You need something to get them off you, or you will have sleepless night. You can go for Raid products, or try with some local ingredients (plants) which repel the pests.

#Tip 8. Insurance.

You have to get it. Medical, security reasons, you name it. And if you rent a bike or quad bike on Zante (likely to happen) you must check it, and see what it covers. You don't want to get charged for some stuff that accidentally got broken, or something. Be safe at all times.

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One of the best Zante tips to avoid trouble on the streets. Be aware of...

Street Gypsies.

They appear friendly. They seem to love you at first sight.

But reality tells a different tale. They are responsible for hundreds of bag, wallet, cash and mobile phone thefts during every summer. Once they have stolen from a victim they pass it very quickly among themselves so by the time you realize you have been robbed it will be way too late. It becomes even easier for them if you're a bit tipsy, or you are not paying attention. That happens in Zante often.

The merchandise they sell (Hats, Balloons, glow sticks, etc.) is just a front for their schemes. Children (sometimes as young as 4) are actually the main culprits. They often work in teams and play massively on how cute they are. One of their techniques is surrounding you and trying to jump up and innocently hug you while the other children are opening zipped up pockets and bags and removing the contents without you even feeling it.

Another scheme they pull off involves a restaurant and could happen on any part of the island. They come inside the restaurant and leave their goods on your table and then leave to put it on the other tables as well. When they return, you better had not grabbed it or took it, as they will demand money. Also, small girls sit on your lap and play with you with their cute faces and sad puppy eyes, only to beg you for money.

Older women try to sell you flowers (couples are their biggest target) wrapped up in a plastic foil, and they aggressively put it in your hands "for your partner" and then charge you money. Also, street vendors try to put a neon armband on your hand, and if they succeed, you'll have to argue that you don't want it.

Before the tourism expansion on Zante, they were a bit shy, and a lot more careful. But today, they are much more aggressive. Police are now strengthening patrols in search for them, so you can often see a bunch of gypsy kids running like crazy in one direction (you might think that they are rushing to you) actually fleeing the police.

You need to speak up!

Local Greek people here speak decent English, but it is always appreciated if you can say Hello, Thank you or Good night in Greek.  You can spend some time exploring Greek words and trying to practice them.

We'll update you with more info regularly.

This page will give you info about small tips and tricks that you may use in many situations, to avoid troubles, do things more efficient, or simply to have a better holiday.

We care about your holiday and want to help you have the best one, without problems.

Reviews and guides, inside info and much more coming up!

Small suggestion, please share this page with your friends, so everybody can have the best info! 


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