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Zante is a party island.

Zante nightlife is unique, fast, and live.

When you're into party holidays, Zakynthos/Zante nightlife experiences worth mentioning.

With whole resort of Laganas focused on clubbing and nightlife, the decision to come here is a no brainer.

The incredible experience is hard to describe with words, or looking at pictures. When you come here and feel it, you'll know.

Exquisite parties, the festival-like atmosphere on the streets, best bars, big nightclubs full of people, flashing lights.

The experience of Zante nightlife is mind-blowing.

Experience Laganas nightlife and be amazed.

The most popular resort on the island, Laganas is considered as the capital of Zante nightlife. With main strip full of big clubs, best bars, and beautiful restaurants you can be sure that you'll have a wonderful holiday.

Laganas is Club 18-30 resort on Zakynthos, with a high offer of entertainment. Pool parties, boat parties, daily parties at the beach, many clubbing events, festival-like happenings, and many other events guarantee your great night out.


If you like early night, then make sure you're not above a bar or in one of the hotels on the main streets. You'll have plenty of choices to explore Zante nightlife, no matter if you're a fan of reggae, rock, techno or indie music. Themed places are big here. Live music, events with music stars, and special events will get you going until the Sun rises above the horizon.

Inside Info About Zante Nightlife

Many parties happen all the time during a summer season. No matter when you decide to come here, you will have a choice of several great events to attend. With nightlife guide from your Insider, you won't miss out!

Also, we give you detailed info on how to make your night the best one in your life. There is also a lot of tips & tricks that you can use and save money and your liver from injury.

As we said, it's hard to imagine Zante nightlife just from words or images, we give you something more.

Video from ThisisZante will tell you what are we talking about!

Click to play

 When Zante nightlife wears you off,

...you have many places to be on this island.

Resorts like Kalamaki, Argassi, Tsilivi, especially Agios Sostis are well spread over the island, and you can have a quiet and relaxing holiday in those resorts. (And if you bring your children to vacation, here you will have place for them as well)

Fine dining, drinking, and pleasant atmosphere can be relived every night on restaurants near the beach on every resort. (Including Laganas). On this objects, you can have a pleasant evening, with traditional Greek fire dancing and plate smashing. Also, traditional Greek dance is a commodity you don't want to miss out watching, or even joining in if you're brave enough. (Have some shots of ouzo and go for it)

With plenty sights to see and enjoy, you can have a great experience exploring the island, or try our guide on 12 ways to have a great holiday on Znate, and have a great holiday for yourself.

There is a place and happening for everyone in Zante!


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