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When you finally arrive on Zante

What to do?

You have finally arrived to your room. The reception staff was polite and friendly, they offered you a quick shot of Ouzo, explained some basic stuff, and told you to have a great time on Zante. You unpack your belongings, feeling a bit tired from your trip, but you are still excited. The island of Zakynthos has so much to offer, and you can't believe you have finally arrived. What to do in Zante? Where to begin your holiday? 

When it comes to holidays, there are two types of people: the ones who get all the information about their destination, and those who will go spontaneously. Both approaches have their pros and cons. If you choose to be informed and do the research, make sure to visit everything that is offered, avoid the places which had low score on Tripadvisor and make schedules.


On the other hand, you might be so calculated, that you might feel like you're on an assignment, and not on a vacation. Your schedule will be packed (Zante has a lot to offer, remember), and you won’t have the time to actually enjoy.

The second type will just throw their bags on the bed, get some lotion and some accessories, and go exploring. They’ll enjoy in spur-of-the-moment sightseeing and discovering, without the hassle and the effort to get to know everything before the arrival. Those tourists will enjoy the nonchalant vacation, but they will surely miss out on some brilliant sights and experiences that needed some researching to be found.

Which type are you?

Oh yes, we nearly forgot. First things first.

Insider Info

You can do so many things in Zante,

but certain tourists don’t leave the hotel complex, with the reasons being the pool, the pool bar, and the commodities of the hotel service. They prefer to spend their holidays by acting like a couch potato, except they are using the sunbeds instead of their living room couches.

Some might have their holiday spent this way, but frankly, I find that it can be boring. If you are into this kind of holiday, at least you should choose a beautiful long beach (which are plenty on Zakynthos), with thousands of sunbeds, where you can relax in the sun and have people serve you as they would by the hotel pool. At the beach, you’ll be surrounded with life, the energy, and the lovely scent of the sea.

Some beach bars charge for the sunbed on their part of the beach. Usual price is around 5 euros, and they grant you free Wi-Fi for the rest of the day. You can get any drink, fruit salad, even barbecue meals.

Inside Info

Get a cocktail with a lot of ice, and enjoy.

For you guys, we have one advice - Get a sun cream to have protection. There are severe heat waves during the day, and it is quite possible to get sunburns, especially if you are light-skinned.

During your stay at the beach, you will often see hustlers trying to sell various holiday merchandise. They are funny and cheerful, and will befriend you, some with honesty, some with a goal to sell you their goods. You can get cheap sunglasses, skincare lotion, small jewelry, and even DVDs with latest movie hits (!).

Also, there are other guys from this group, who are proud by their famous handcrafted product, the Hakuna-Matata bracelet. 

They make it in front of you at the beach, and let you choose the colors for the bracelet. You can get it on your ankle wrist, as they craft it directly on your hand or foot.

They can be funny, entertaining, and very cute, and they ask around 5 euros for a bracelet. If you don't damage it for the rest of your holiday, it can be an interesting souvenir. The one I got lasted for nearly three years.

There are many possibilities to have an amazing holiday in Zante. Have a look and click on the image below to have a glimpse how amazing Zante holidays can be.

have an awesome holiday in Zakynthos


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