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Zante Holiday Insider blog is all about enjoying.

Making inquiries. Booking. Packing. Choosing. Planning. Spending time. Exploring. Doing the things the right way. Preparing and guiding you to get your best holiday. And, you might choose our location, Zante. :-)

To have a Perfect Holiday.

You need to inspect, to interact, to prepare, and plan.

So here is the place for you.

The idea of this whole thing is to help you decide where to go, and what to do, sort your stuff and don't freak out preparing for your holiday. Sometimes it can get hard, and your stress levels need to settle down a bit, and not go through the roof.

We provide the insider info, practical guides and advice on how to come to Zante, where to stay, what to do,  how to get stuff you need, how to prepare, and many other stuff about traveling in general beside Zante advice and guides. With us, you will be prepared for any traveling, and every holiday in your life will be better than the last one.

We are from Zakynthos, Zante town, on the same-named island in Ionian Sea, Greece.

Who we are?

A team of enthusiasts with a passion for Zante.

We bring you the best firsthand info about Zante.

We are doing our best to keep you prepared and help you to have the best holiday of your life here in Zante.

Apart from our summer seasons in Zante, we are passionate travelers and travel-savvy people.

Also, we provide the answers to all the possible related questions you might have.

With us, you'll know all there is to Zante, and traveling itself.

We made a small graphic guide about Zante, with 12 steps/must-do things for you, to give you the incentive towards your decision on coming to Zante. It's free of charge, and intended just for you, the readers, to introduce to Zante and have an insight look into what you can do here. It's a fast read, and it's interesting, it will get you going. And to get it, you just need to subscribe with your email. So later you get blog updates on every travel stuff that we produce and publish. You'll be informed, among the first to find out about great deals, advice, trip insights and many more. You'll be on the way of becoming better, smarter, savvy traveler. Just use the form.

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We wrote on many topics referring to Zante and shared a lot of travel-base knowledge.

Our pages will guide you through every question you might have on the topic, and they are organised to provide valued information. With every week, you will read on the topics on Zante traveling, sightseeing, advice about accommodation, transports, small  tips & tricks on how to manage small problems and arrange your routines to perfectly fit the Zante atmosphere, with many interesting facts, reviews, guides, and other interesting stuff. You can expect to get about one email per week, sometimes maybe two, when we hit the coupons: price-savers, discounts, promo codes you can use, etc. With many traveling tricks, hacks, guides and we try our best to give you the best info possible to prepare and arrange the best holiday you can imagine. If you have some questions for us, about some particular stuff, details about something, etc., and we will be happy to provide the answers, for this you can use this form

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  1. dusko says:


    nas je sestoro i trnutno smo u kallini na peloponezu i zelja nam je da posetimo cuvenu plazu navagio.
    na raspolaganju nam je samo jedan dan odnosno 10.07,2019. molimo da nas posavetujete dali je to moguce sa napomenom
    da mozemo prespavati desetog jula. pozdrav

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