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Tsilivi: Where you'll feel like Home.

The Largest Resort on Zakynthos.

Located on the north eastern part of the island of Zakynthos, the resort of Tsilivi attracts tourists that look for a quality experiences in holidays. This resort is family oriented, for its serene surroundings provide relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, where one can take it easy, and forget about the work stress, and everyday life.

On the other hand, resort of Tsilivi offers interesting and exciting activities for families and individuals, if you're up for an adventure, or exploration.

 You will feel the traditional Greek surroundings here, with lots of vineyards and olive groves spreading throughout the land. As a young resort, becoming more and more popular by people from all around the world, this resort keeps on growing and expanding.

You'll find some lovely places to relax here. Whether you're a chill out type, or a bar person, or prefer dining at fine restaurants, Tsilivi will comfort you and make you feel cozy.

Heads up: this page is long, so we made the table of contents for you to browse on and jump to part of the page you're interested the most. 

Tsilivi Beaches


Tsilivi main beach is 2 km long, sandy and very clean, that it was rewarded with Blue flag for it's cleanness.. Alongside main beach, there are others for you to visit:

Bouka - Gaidaros Beach


Two beaches located one next another, located next to main beach in Tsilivi. Small harbor there is well suited for fishing, and the beach on the left is shallow and warm. One looking for quiet place to enjoy might find advantages of this place very suitable.

Belussi Beach


Located in the Drosia Kipseli area, a hotel is built on this part of the beach, named exactly like the beach. Water is crystal clear here, with some stone parts, and sandy ones as well. Your stay here will be lovely, and your children will enjoy the shallow sea.

What to do in Tsilivi?

W ith wide range for all ages, Tsilivi is a fun destination to be. Since the resort started expanding in recent years, there are many entertaining objects for tourists to see, events to attend, and fun activities to try.

W hile you're on a lovely holiday in Tsilivi, you can enjoy in many restaurants, bars, clubs while your children can have fun at Luna Fun Park, or at the Reptile house, or at the mini golf course.

E xploring Tsilivi can be interesting and useful, since you can undertake a Icon Painting class, and provoke the inner artist within.

W ater park is the ultimate solution for families to have beautiful day relaxing and enjoying, and in Tsilivi you can enjoy in one of these as well.

Insider info: You can enjoy Tsilivi activities and attractions on a lower prices if you play it smart. One of the secrets are group tickets. You can buy them at the offices; little haggling with representatives will get you discounts and better offers.

Don't overdo it, and be respectful, play your roles smart.

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Where to stay in Tsilivi

Accommodation in Tsilivi offers a lot of choices for travelers. Your Tsilivi room can be luxurious one, in a three-star hotel, or a modes, and cheap, with great location and not far from sea. The beach is populated with many resorts, providing great service and affordable rooms, as well as great furbished penthouses, for your ultimate holiday experience. The important fact knowing for Tsilivi hotels, studios and apartments is that majority of them provide a lovely, quiet, and private rooms, so your relaxation and calm holidays are guaranteed. No noise, and high level of privacy will surely be an advantage over crowded and noisy Laganas resort. The lovely sound of the sea close to your beach hotel in Tsilivi will wake you in the morning, an beautiful way to awake from a comfortable and recharging sleep. 

Even though Tsilivi is a live resort, and sometimes you can end in a room near the live places, or clubs or restaurants working until late, if you're unlucky sometimes you'll end up in those, and have to either wait 'till really late night hours, or party out every night and come home completely wasted, and then it won't matter. 


Here is the map of Tsilivi

With location of hotels and accommodations, as well as tourist attractions, points of interests, restaurants and more, thanks to Google

Here are some of the most popular hotels in Tsilivi:

Eating out in Tsilivi

Gourmands love Tsilivi's wide specter of places to eat; here you can find dozens of interesting and affordable restaurants, buy some takeaway gyros or crepes from the street vendors, enjoy in the fast food diversity and have some delicious meals at hotel lounges.

As we mentioned in Zante food & drink page, there are many choices for you to browse and enjoy on, and it would be a shame to visit Tsilivi, and not try traditional Greek cuisine, smell the beautiful olive oil, the famous Greek salad, and tasty seafood specialties; all accompanied by traditional plate smashing.

If you're up to tasting some quality homemade meals, then you'd have to search a bit. Many local owners of studios and apartments are friendly, and if you get together with them and become friends, you might end in a mutual dinner at your new friend's house. That's the real traditional Greek meal, and authentic experience.

Shopping in Tsilivi

Tsilivi offers a wide variety of shops and markets for your needs, special gifts shops, and souvenirs merchant places; several unique shops with handcrafted goods ideal for souvenirs as well.

You don't have to worry if you have a baby on board, and need supplies for your young one; every small shop has baby equipment near skin products. 

Shops are usually open from 9.00 am to 10-11.00 pm.

You can often find some interesting and similar (if not identical) products in supermarkets or small markets near villas for more affordable price from souvenirs shops. Look for fun equipment, such as snorkeling equipment, beach stuff, and skincare products.
Tourist shops usually store goods bought from China, and resell them for bigger price, so you'd have to look closely when you buy, and only original and handcrafted products are worth your time. 

Nightlife in Tsilivi

Bit quieter and more enjoyable for people who don't want to party whole night in loud surroundings. We mentioned the lively Zante Nightlife as well, and atmosphere Tsilivi is bit different, suited for bit older age groups. 

You can enjoy the great service in many bars, cocktail clubs, interesting mixtures of those two, and unique built entertainment objects. Drinks are served until late hours, and music in Tsilivi bars is not oriented to youngsters. Karaokes are popular here, as well as quiz nights, and masked nights; there are always something interesting to attend.

Beach parties are organized and happening almost every day here, combining day and night times, and the beautiful turquoise sea in Tsilivi. You can take care of your children, make them comfortable in children playgrounds, or hotel sections designed for kids, and go have a nice relaxing night out. 

Important Info

Here you'll find everything related to Tsilivi that we didn't cover on this page: 

We did the whole Weather page for you. Tsilivi weather is not different from the rest of the resorts on Zakynthos, but there is a bit colder feeling in the air then in Kalamaki.. Closeness to the sea and the mountain affect on this.

You need a travel insurance to be perfectly safe while you're on a holilday. Aall the medical facilities approve the insurances usually.

Don't forget to bring your passport when you're headed to the ambulance.


FARMACY K. AVRAMOPOULOS Tel (0030) 26950 43528 Mob (0030) 6973561978

Ideal time for exploring is during May, June, and September. In July and August, the peak summer season starts, and crowds are everywhere, and temperatures go up as well.

Tsilivi is suitable for exploring even during winter, if you're the quiet type, and have the accommodation. No crowds, no anybody to bother you.

Tsilivi is located 5 km away from Zante Port and 9 km away from Zante Airport. It takes about 15 minutes to arrive by car or taxi from Zante Port and 25 minutes from Zante Airport. Moving around is easy, as the distances are short and the most shops are on the main road. You can hire a car or motorbike to move around Tsilivi, visit the beach and the surrounding areas or use the local bus, which performs daily shuttles.

Car Rentals Zakynthos Car Rentals

Taxi service Diamond Transport Services Zante taxi

Moto rentals

Road Runner Rentals Tel (0030) 26950 27272 Mob(0030) 6983 623120

Theo Rentals No1 I 2 theorentals@gmail.com Jonnies Rents (0030) 26950 41724

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