Navagio Beach: Everything You Need To Know + Travel Experts Roundup

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The beauty of travel changes lives.

Traveling inspires, pushes you forward, makes you a better person. Broadens your horizons. The moment when we see (and meet) something new, something extraordinary, it stays carved in our brains until the end of our lives. No amount of money or material stuff can replace the joy of traveling and exploring this amazing planet.

Today I’m sharing something extraordinary with you. Something that will take your breath away. Something that you’ll remember on your deathbed.

The Europe’s cradle of civilization, Greece, hides many unreal places and experiences which every traveler should immerse into at least once in a lifetime.

My fellow travelers, meet the Navagio beach.

Navagio Beach

This mesmerizing place is one of the most popular attractions of Zante, and you can see why. The unbelievable formation of white sand and stone, fantastic turquoise waters, and a big rusty shipwreck make this place one of a kind.

The beauty of Navagio demonstrates the power of nature at its finest; the huge eroding stones accumulated the white sand (which is actually ground stone, and not a real sand) over thousands of years, and this place was a hidden gem of Mediterranean for a long time.

Today I will bring you closer to this place. You?ll find out how to get there, some interesting facts about it, what you can do at Navagio beach, what are the expenses, and more. Everything you?ll read here is knowledge accumulated through personal experience and extensive research. My aim is to provide the best information about Navagio, so you can add it to your bucket list and experience its glory. Let?s dive in!

About Navagio

Navagio is located in Zakynthos, an island in the Ionian sea, right off the east Peloponnese coast of Greece. To be more precise, the beach is in the northwest part of this island, close to Anafonitria village. It is surrounded by colossal white limestone cliffs on one side, and crystal clear blue waters on the other, making it accessible only by boat.

The funny thing is that there is a big chance you’ve probably seen some photos of this place since it is maybe THE most photographed location in the entire country, and naturally, it is the biggest tourist magnet of Zakynthos attracting thousands of visitors each summer.

navagio shipwreck beach

Thanks to its beauty and unique setting it has been featured in recognized news websites such as Huffington Post’s The 40 Best Beaches on Earth (#2), and World’s 100 Best Beaches by CNN, to name a few.

Above the beach, there is a spot which offers an astonishing view of the white cliffs and the endless mesmerizing turquoise sea. The cove itself is very deep, enabling boats to dock. Have that in mind when you arrive; if you’re not a swimmer, you shouldn’t go into the water further than few feet. The beach is around 500 meters (1640 feet) wide, and about 50 meters (164 feet) long. The water is pretty salty, saltier compared to the water in resorts on Zante.

Navagio Shipwreck Story

Perhaps even more famous than the mere beauty of this beach is the old, rusty ship sitting in its white sands, thus earning Navagio the nicknames Shipwreck Beach and Smuggler’s Cove.Here is a popular story about how the boat got there.

On October 1, 1980, the Greek authorities received a tip that a freight liner by the name of Panayiotis was smuggling contraband cigarettes. Allegedly, this illegal delivery was on its way from Turkey, and it was an order made by the Italian Mafia. In an attempt to escape the law, Panayiotis got stranded in the shallow waters of Navagio, and the crew fled the scene leaving the boat at the beach. Rumor has it that the locals took advantage of the cargo and that no tobacco products were sold on the island for the next four years.

As entertaining as it might be, this story is actually not true. Charalambos Kompthekras, the captain of Panayiotis, spoke about what really happened in a documentary, where he said the accident occurred due to bad weather and a mechanical failure.

How to reach Navagio Beach?

Now that you’ve gotten familiar with the history and splendors of the beach let’s proceed to the ways to get to it and experience it firsthand. As you can see on the map, most towns and resorts are situated in the south while Navagio is in the northwestern part. There are a few ways to get there, each differing in prices, time and mode of transport.

An important thing to know is that the beach itself is accessible ONLY by boat. Land transport will take you only to towns, ports, and the viewing platform on the cliffs above the beach. The places where a boat to Navagio is available are Zakynthos Town port, Agios Nikolaos port/beach, Skinari, and Porto Vromi.

What you need to know about the boat cruises

Middle-sized to big boats sail only from Zakynthos Town port, and these vessels provide more shade and space for the passengers. Smaller boats leave from the other three ports.

If you are starting your cruise from Zakynthos Town, Agios Nikolaos or Skinari (east side of the island), know that the tour to Navagio beach will usually include a stop at the amazing Blue Caves. Larger boats, unfortunately, cannot go inside the caves, so those who want to experience these natural wonders from the inside should opt for a smaller boat.

The length of the cruises can vary, depending on the location and vessel. The cruises from Zakynthos Town can last from 4-8 hours in respect to the type of boat.

So, what are the options? Well, that depends on where you are staying, and in this guide, you will find the optimal ways to reach Navagio considering your location on the island.

1. Take a cruise tour organized by an agency

This is perhaps the simplest way since the agency will arrange a bus which takes you from your resort to the port in Zakynthos town, where you’ll catch a cruiser, and bring you back to your accommodation after the tour.

navagio shipwreck tour

The bus and boat ride are included in the price, so make sure to bring food and drinks with you, or just some extra money since you can buy it on the cruiser too.

You can find representatives of tour agencies such as MyTours in every resort, and they are reliable. When you arrange a trip with them, you’ll get instructions when to come to a pickup point, and enjoy for the rest of the day.

Estimated cost

Depending on the agency, tour prices can range from €20-45 plus another €20 per person for food and beverages.

2. Bus to Zakynthos Town and a boat to Navagio

If you happen to be staying in Laganas, Argassi, Alykes, Tsilivi or Kalamaki, there is a KTEL bus available which can take you to Zakynthos Town. Once you get there, you will need to take a 15-minute walk to the port where you can hop on a boat tour to Blue Caves and Navagio.

KTEL Bus station Zakynthos

It’s not hard to reach the harbor, just keep going down to the sea, because the KTEL station in Zante town is located uphill.

Here’s the map of Zante town from KTEL:

Zante town minimap from KTEL
Estimated costs

A one-way bus ticket costs €1.80 and prices of cruises from Zakynthos Town go for around €30.

3. Take a car, quad or motorbike to one of the ports and catch a boat ride to Navagio

This is the priciest option, and it requires the most hassle, but it is perfect for those who enjoy going on adventures and exploring new places. This way you can see some amazing and not-so-famous spots, which you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise, and create your unique tour of Zakynthos. In our opinion, this is the best option.

Those who haven’t arrived at Zakynthos by car don’t have to worry because there are car, quad and motorbike rentals in every resort.

The four ports where you can find boats to Navagio are located in different vicinities from the beach, which means that certain options will require more traveling by land and others more traveling by sea. The best choice for those who want to sail more is to take a boat from Zakynthos Town, and folks who want to drive more should go for the other three ports – Agios Nikolaos, Skinari and Porto Vromi. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages:

Taking a cruise ship from Zakynthos Town

Going solo on a rented bike/quad to a port of your choice

To make it easier for you, I’ve made custom maps that can guide you from each resort to every port on the island. Some tips and advice for every map are included hoping that it could help you with your decision.

Estimated costs

If you want to rent a car, quad or motorbike the prices and conditions will differ from company to company. Also, certain rental services require a minimum amount of days, usually three.Car rentals start from €20 per day. Quads and motorcycles can be rented for as cheap as €12 per day.Do your research and compare a couple of different services and you will find the optimal one.

  • Boat trips from Agios Nikolaos, Skinari, and Porto Vromi cost around €15, and from Zakynthos Town about €30.

  • Other expenses include gasoline which goes from €0,57 to €1,47 per liter. The cost depends on the type of fuel as well as the gas station.
  • Don’t forget to bring food and LOTS of water!

Driving Maps

I’ve made some custom maps for you to use to get to ports connected to Navagio. I’ve marked many places of interest that can be useful and improve your journey & experience.

*Click on every orange & blue point on each map or at the upper left corner to reveal the contents of the map*

From Laganas 

From Kalamaki 

From Vasilikos 

 From Tsilivi 

From Alikanas 

From Alykes 

Here are some tips to make this adventure safer and successful:

  • The heat is strong during the summer season. If you don’t want sunburns, don’t go half-naked on a bike/quad, even in the car.
  • If you’re traveling by quad or bike to a far destination, remember to pack some long sleeves and hoodies. Returning to your resort from the northern part of the island can be very cold.
  • If you’re going on a longer route, prepare more supplies. You can expect some tavernas and stores alongside, but there will be many areas without them, so it will be better to stock up.
  • Climbing up from Laganas up north can be fun during the day, but going down during the night might be very dangerous because of the sand on the road.
  • The roads have many sharp and U-turns which will require very careful driving. Especially during the night.
  • Youngsters drive like crazy in Laganas. It’s a well-proven fact (several accidents in that resort and surrounding areas ended with fatal consequences.
  • When you’re driving through inland of Zakynthos, you’ll encounter many stunning views. It’s completely fine to stop by and admire but think about your safety, and the safety of other participants in the traffic. Roads are narrow in many areas.

  • When you’re in areas near the sea, the gusts of wind can be pretty strong, especially in huge open areas. When you’re on a light bike, it’s super-important to slow down and be extra careful in these areas.




Things to do at Navagio

When you finally arrive at Navagio, you will be amazed. The impression that you will get cannot be described by words.

Besides pure awe that this beach provokes, you might wonder, what to do at Navagio? The place is surrounded by huge cliffs, has a large boat in the middle, and a stunning sea.

Navagio turquoise waters The moment you arrive, you’ll jump off the boat or a cruiser, and please put your shoes on. They will get wet, but they will prevent serious damage to your feet.

Here are some exciting things to do on Navagio:

  • Explore the whole bay on foot – take a small hike around the entire bay and admire the wondrous work of nature. You’ll notice some very impressive sights and stone patterns, small holes, and rocks.
  • Find a unique rock to have as a souvenir. This little fella can be ten times more worthy as a memory than a regular souvenir you can get in a shop.
  • Enjoy the waves at the shore – the turquoise waters around here are very cold, much colder compared to all other resorts on the island. This is because of the currents, and the depth of the sea at this point. The shore is very steep, and the sea will get very deep after just a few steps in.The currents are often very strong, creating high waves. Expect some high impacts and very fun times (which might leave a bruise or two on your body, because of the small rocks being carried by streams).
  • Snorkel in the fantastic turquoise sea – if you’re skilled enough to snorkel, and are not afraid of some stronger currents, the experience to snorkel around Navagio is amazing.

    To reach the sea bottom when you swim away from the shore, you will have to be a good diver, because it is very deep. The visibility isn’t good, no matter how good diving goggles you have.If you’re skilled enough and have a decent lung capacity, you might be able to reach the bottom.Who knows, you might find a seashell there? That would be a feat you will never forget.
  • Explore the side beaches & caves – there are some unique places to explore on both sides of Navagio. There is an additional small beach with ultra-fine sand on the left side, and big caves to swim in on the right.
    If you are brave enough, you can try doing them both. Just swim from one side to another. You will have to be very strong, experienced swimmer to achieve this feat.I myself have explored the caves, and they go 100m deep. The water rushes in with every wave, making thunderous noise and storming the small chambers, sometimes lifting you up to hit the ceiling with your head.This one-of-a-kind experience is something that only one out of ten thousand tourists reaches. People are simply either afraid or lazy to explore these caves.
    But believe me, they are more than worthy!

Here are some things NOT to do on Navagio:

  • Many people rush to get near the boat and start carving their names on it. I know leaving the mark in this world feels cool, especially in such a magical place like Navagio, but please, resist the urge to carve your name onto the ship hull.As you’ll notice, there are thousands of names carved already, and your name will be in the huge crowd. On the other hand, you’ll damage the ship further, and at one point, it will get destroyed completely.If it happens sometimes, you’ll read about it in the news, and you’ll know you contributed to this. Please don’t do that.
  • Some people tend to climb on the hull of the shipwreck, jeopardizing their safety significantly. The shell is almost entirely wrecked, rusted, with many sharp edges and weak points. A little slippage or unstable move might bring you to serious harm. Like, severe.
  • Throwing garbage on the beach, and in the sea. Don’t even get me started on this one…

Places to stay near Navagio

Visitors who are looking for hotels near Navagio beach should know that the options are limited, but they exist. There are several apartments in nearby villages, and they are ideal for beach/nature lovers, looking to unwind and break away from society for a while. The biggest advantage of staying in these places is, of course, the near vicinity of Navagio and the ability to go there whenever you want, avoiding the crowded tour cruisers.

1. Villa Elatia, Maries

Villa Elatia Maries Zante About 7 km away from Shipwreck beach there is Villa Elatia, placed in the heart of the Maries Village. It includes a terrace, garden, and hot tub. The nearest supermarket is about 400m from the villa, and there are also some tavernas in the village. The area in which Maries is located is full of pine trees and vegetation in general, making it perfect for nature walks.

2. Eden Villas, Anafonitria

Eden Villas Zante Eden Villas include two traditional houses made from stone, outdoor pools, and a mesmerizing view of gorgeous surroundings. The village of Anafonitria is the closest one to Navagio, as well as the viewing platform above the beach. If you?re into luxury holidays, this is one of the best places on the island.

Restaurants Near Navagio

A long day of swimming and being out in the sun will definitely cause some serious hunger, and fortunately, there is a list of places close to Navagio to choose from. There aren’t too many restaurants in this area, but there is more than enough, and each of them serves exquisite food. Remember that driving on an empty stomach can never be a good thing, so here are a few spots that we recommend checking out.

Taverna Dafnes, Exo Chora

The restaurant is located about 2km south of Maries village, and it is a small, family-held eatery serving traditional Greek, homemade meals, and all kinds of beverages. Visitors are greeted with warm welcomes, and the service is high quality. An interesting fact about this place is that there is a 2000-year-old olive tree next to the tavern.

Areas, Maries

Coming into the village of Maries from the direction of Porto Vromi, you will spot a restaurant on the top of a hill. On one side of the restaurant there is a nice parking lot and on the other, an astonishing view – the one you want to take a picture of. It is an awesome location to enjoy an incredible sunset. Here you will find a pretty standard Greek menu cooked with all natural ingredients.

Alexandra Taverna, Maries

This is another place in Maries with a fantastic view. Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant serves traditional Greek dishes. The ambient is quite modern, clean and pleasant and they have a nice website where you can get more information about the place.

Kaminaki, Volimes

A few kilometers north of Anafonitria in the small mountain village of Volimes, the staff of Kaminaki has been serving homemade food since 1997. The restaurant specializes in cooking on charcoal, so fans of grilled dishes will enjoy it. The pleasant stone and wood ambient is excellent for relaxing. Kaminaki is open for lunch and dinner during the entire tourist season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I will make sure to answer all the possible questions you might have.
  • How far is Navagio Beach from Athens?

    Navagio Beach is located about 356 km west from Anthes. It takes 6 hours to cross this distance by car.

    If you travel by air, the distance is 273 km.

    Here’s the illustration: 

  • How far is Navagio Beach from all the Zakynthos resorts?

    From Laganas to Navagio – 33.4 km; 52 minutes by car

    From Kalamaki to Navagio – 37.6 km; 55 minutes by car

    From Vasilikos to Navagio – 47.9 km; 1h 10 minutes by car

    From Tsilivi to Navagio – 33 km; 49 minutes by car

    From Argassi to Navagio – 37.1km; 55 min by car

    From Zakynthos Town to Navagio – 34.9 km; 53 minutes by car

    From Alikanas to Navagio – 21.4 km; 36 minutes by car

    From Alykes to Navagio – 18.5 km; 30 minutes by car

  • How tall are the cliffs around Navagio Beach?

    The cliffs go up to 220 m in height.

  • When is the best time to visit Navagio Beach?

    The high season lasts from mid June to the end of August, and during that time the beach is very busy from 10 am to 2 pm. If you want to avoid the crowds visit Navagio early in the morning, or late in the afternoon.

  • How far is navagio beach from santorini?

    The distance from Santorini to Navagio is quite large; 459 km by air and 682 km by land travel.

    Here’s the illustration:

    how far is navagio beach from santorini

Travel Influencers Roundup

To extend the quality and depth of this Navagio guide, I have asked a bunch of big travel influencers what do they think about Navagio beach.

They are all people with dozens of destinations behind them, successful travel blogs and many deals realized, as well as big experience exploring this world. When it comes to travel, these people know what are they talking about.

Here is what some of the big travel influencers had to say about Navagio:

Becki runs Borders of Adventure, a very popular travel blog where she shares her adventures with the world. She won many awards for her work so far and aspires to bring many new countries and cultures to her followers.

Here’s what Becki said:

“One of the most iconic photographs of Greece, and for good reason. It may be well known, but it still looks like a secret!”


NomadicBoys is a place to get informed about distant lands from the eye of two witty, energetic, and interesting people, originally from London. This enthusiastic couple supports the gay scene around the world, and you should follow them in their epic adventure – you’ll be amazed!

Here are their thoughts:

“Zakynthos island in Greece is one of our favorites. One of the highlights of Zakynthos (also referred to as Zante) is the famous Navagio Beach or “Shipwreck Beach”. It is stunning, like something from a dream or a postcard. Even CNN rated it as one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Think crystal clear blue waters, white sandy beach, surrounded by limestone dramatic cliffs.”


Long-term travelers Lesh & Jazza are exploring this beautiful world for almost one whole decade. If you want to see something amazing every day, you should definitely follow this amazing blog. Guys from NOMADasaurus aren’t done yet, they’re just beginning!

Here’s what they said about Navagio beach:

“Having been on the road for 8 years we have definitely come across a lot of beautiful beaches. But few are capturing our attention quite as much as Navagio Beach in Zante! The images coming out of there are almost too beautiful to be real, with turquoise waters and an impossibly dramatic coastline! We can’t wait to finally visit this gorgeous Greek island!”


A good friend Christa runs a website where you’ll find a lot mysterious, fantasy-related, and epic places to visit. TheFairyTaleTraveler brings the joy and happiness of meeting something new and extraordinary to your feed every now and then, making your day so much better!

When I asked her about Navagio, here’s what she said:

“Looks like a magical place. I could definitely see myself here. Officially adding this one to my bucket list!”

Nick & Dariece

The two “Goats” from GOTR love to explore the world, and their blog brings a unique touch to the community. If you’re interested to travel an make a living at the same time, this is the place to visit!

Here’s what Dariece & Nick had to say about Navagio:

“We have traveled to Greece in the past, but have never been to Zante! I can’t believe how beautiful the water looks at Navagio Beach! We will have to put this secluded beach on our “to see” list! Greece is such an amazing country filled with endless things to see and do, we can’t wait to return.”


Two chucklesome lads from the UK are exploring the world while having crazy fun. If the entertainment can be a category in travel blogs awards, Yaya & Lloyd would definitely be nominated for an Oscar!

When I asked them about Navagio, here’s what they said:

“We’ve always wanted to visit Navagio and discover the iconic shipwreck beach. The crystal clear waters and soaring cliffs make this top on our list of places to see in 2017.”


Mr. Jones is a well-traveled man, which you can tell from his impressive blog, JonesAroundTheWorld. If you’re a fan of great music festivals and traveling, this is the blog to follow!

Here’s what Dave said about Navagio:

“Greece is one of the first countries I truly fell in love with traveling through.  Not only is it one of the most gorgeous destinations in the world, but it is nearly impossible to eat a meal in that country without being completely satisfied.  I’ve already traveled through major hotspots like Athens, Corfu, Ios, and Santorini — but when I make my way back to Greece this upcoming summer, Zante is at the top of my list.  Everyone I have heard that is traveled there tells me it’s completely stunning, and I would love to go and experience these views for myself!”

Deb & Dave

Award winners, travel ambassadors, television appearances, and so much more, Deb & Dave from ThePlanetD are true travel influencers, experienced explorers, and people who you should definitely follow. Their wandering never stops, and they won’t stop amazing you!

Here’s what D&D said about Navagio:

“We were first introduced to Navagio when Dejan wrote a guest post for us about Zante. We instantly wanted to travel there. The Greek Islands are the most beautiful in the world with layers of blue waters surrounding white cliffs plunging into the sea. Navagio Beach is one of the most recognizable beaches in all of Greece as it is one of the most photographed beaches in all of Greece. They even have base jumping from here. I’d love to watch that happen live but I don’t think I’ll take part. “

Rob & Nat

The traveling couple from LoveAndRoad brings a unique touch to the traveling, and supports people around the world to start traveling, travel more, and don’t find excuses not to travel. Especially when we talk about money as an excuse; the posts with detailed budgets for their travels will definitely encourage you to start planning your next trip!

Here’s what Rob & Nat said about Navagio:

“OMG! Navagio Beach is so high on our bucket list. I have to admit that it’s hard to believe that Navagio is real. The color of the water, the cliffs, the shipwreck, it looks like a fairy tale scenery. The good news, for us, is that on next summer we are heading back to Europe and probably will set foot on this magnificent beach!”

Nellie Huang

An adventurer with an extensive experience, Nellie shares her thrilling stories on WildJunket, her unique and action-packed blog. She’s on a mission to travel to every country in the world, and I’m sure she is the one to do it!

Nellie said:

“I’ve wanted to go there since I saw this video of base jumpers flying off the cliffs and landing right on the beach of Navagio. Such a spectacular place!”

Sandy & Vyjay

Full-time travelers with the passion and a burning desire to share their experiences with the world, Sandy & Vyjay are behind Voyager, and their goals and passion bring the best out of this website. You won’t make a mistake checking them out!

Here’s what S&V think of Navagio:

“My heart started to beat faster as I took a deep breath. I could feel the familiar but strange feelings of excitement rising from the pit of my stomach. It was love at first sight. What I saw was so bewitching and pristine, that I had no choice but to fall head over heels in love. I had never set eyes on or heard about Navagio before, but here was I, bowled over by a 2-minute video of the place. Navagio beach also referred to as Shipwreck beach has that kind of effect on everyone. Turquoise waters seem to blend seamlessly with spotless white sands in a magical cove that seems like a piece of paradise fallen from the skies. The nicknames of Smuggler’s Cove and Shipwreck beach add an aura of intrigue and mystery to the magical beach making it irresistible. I yearn for the day when I can set foot on this paradise and spend some heavenly moments in its embrace.”

Rachele & Gábor

Rachel & Gabor are enjoying this world like professionals. Their adventures are documented on SurfingThePlanet and date from early 2012, when they decided to share their experiences and travel knowledge with the world.

Here are their thoughts about Navagio:

“We have already been to many paradise islands, but most of them were very far from our home in Spain. However, we are planning to travel more around Europe in the next few years and the Greek islands are surely amongst our top destinations. We have already seen quite a lot of photos and videos about Navagio Beach in Zante, which seems to be one of the most amazing beaches there, a real paradise. We really hope to have the chance lie on it pretty soon!”

Randi & Michael

If you’re on the look for affordable travel, responsible travel (Earth-responsible), JustAPack will provide the best info out there for you. Randi and Michael are sharing their admiration and passion about this planet there, and teach us all to be more responsible about our common home.

Here’s what they said:

“Greece has long been on our list of places we want to visit most, and slices of heaven like Navago Beach these only fuel our desire to travel to this amazingly beautiful country.”

Sarah & Nathan

In a search for a meaningful, balanced life, this couple behind LiveDreamDiscover found that exploring the world and experiences that you may have doing that are far more meaningful than any materialistic satisfaction. Sharing their wanderings and a plethora of tips, Sarah & Nathan will guide you to a better, travel-inspired life.

Here’re their thoughts on Navagio:

“Looks beautiful. I have to admit that I’m not familiar with Zante and have not been to Zakynthos. We are planning to spend some time in Greece next year so maybe we will add it to our list.”

Alexandra Kovacova

Alexandra (called Saška at home, and Alex abroad) traveled a lot in her life, lived in more than six countries, and discovered a vast amount of amazing stuff while traveling. Her lifestyle is perfectly demonstrated on CrazySexyFunTraveler, a quality blog where you can find a ton of tips, guides, and fabulous destinations.

Here’s what Alex said about Navagio:

“I haven’t been to Navagio yet but would love to visit. I’ve seen loads of photos and it looks like my kind of beach. White sand and crystal clear water? Oh yes! Plus, the views from the cliffs above are stunning.  A little peace of heaven.”

Adonis Villanueva

When you get infected with a traveling virus, it stays with you for the rest of your life. That’s what happened with Adonis in 2013, and since then he’s on the road, sharing interesting stuff about our wonderful planet. Expect some unexpected countries, beautiful imagery and fabulous design on AlwaysWanderlust. Isn’t that something a traveler needs every day?

Adonis said:

“I’ve seen a picture of a shipwreck on the beach with pristine aquamarine waters and from then on I was intrigued. Navagio beach plucked right out of a fairytale and is claimed to be the most beautiful in the world. After visiting so many beaches in my travels and I have to agree. It’s a paradise tucked and hidden in between jagged cliffs. Someday soon, I will capture this scene with my own camera.”

Agness & Cez

If you ever wondered how it feels to live and breed travel, Agness & Cez from eTramping can certainly show you. Living on the road, always exploring and discovering, they live a life of digital nomads and love it.

After a bit of research and some videos of Navagio seen here’s what they had to say:

“For us it looks beautiful, but certainly overcrowded. If we were to go there, we’d ask some locals for places nearby where there are not so many tourists, or where do locals go when they have a day off.”

Laura Lancu

Laura and her blog Travelocafe have a significant place in the traveling community. She shares a lot of knowledge on city breaks, couples travel, places to stay, and much more. As she states “Travel is a state of mind.”

When I introduced her to Navagio, here’s what Laura said:

“I’ve never been to Navagio Beach before, although I would certainly like to visit.”

Jenna & Micah

The creative genius behind this name brings a well-developed and written blog, a significant travel resource, and attractive destination guides closer to you. Jenna & Micah are both responsible for WanderTheMap, and their travels bring the finest out of this gorgeous world. As they state: “The adventure is an outlook on life and you can have one anywhere, anytime.”

Here are their thoughts about Navagio:

“We would love to visit Navagio beach sometime–it looks like a gorgeous beach!”


The Australian Bender family can be used as a definition example of a traveler family. If you’re interested in this way of traveling, there’s no better resource on the web. As one of the most in-depth destination experts, Benders cover really a lot. Imagine the knowledge and experience they possess, and how much you can learn and discover on TravelWithBender.

When I asked Erin about Navagio, she was short and sweet:

“On my bucket list. Who wouldn’t go? “

Inma & Jose

A photography, filmmaking and travel writing team willing to bring you their adventures and misadventures through visual storytelling, Inma & Jose are living the traveling life and share their experiences with people. AWorldToTravel will guide you to new destinations, show you tips on many travel related situations, and improve your travel knowledge significantly. Their site is more than worth checking out.

Here’s what they had to say about Navagio:

“Not that we are really into checking all the highlights and Instagram-worthy places when we go places but this beach – even when it has been featured to death – is a spot we would definitely to spend some time in. Hope 2017 is the year when we can make this happen!”


Steven & Jenna are a well-traveled couple behind the interesting and great-looking blog called TheWellTraveledMan. Living abroad changed their lives and they found their passion in exploring this world. They cover many fascinating places (Zante included!) and write about them so you can have the best out of these destinations.

Here’s what they had to say about Navagio:

Navagio Beach, or Shipwreck beach was on our bucket list for a long time. It was that picture perfect spot that you see on a lot of tourist magazines and you ask everyone where that gorgeous beach is. We absolutely loved our time on Zakynthos and driving around and exploring all of the different spots. Without a doubt, Navagio beach was an absolute highlight. If you haven’t been, then you should really add this amazing destination to your bucket list.

Navagio is one-of-a-kind experience you shouldn’t miss

Exploring the world and making amazing memories is something that keeps us alive.

Something that keeps us moving forward.

If you’re a traveler, now you know that this is a sight not to miss in this beautiful world. A site not to be missed.

So, what are you waiting for? 

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  1. Navagio beach certainly is a piece of heaven on earth. We can’t wait to get there. Thank you, Dejan for featuring our write-up. This guide is amazing. It is quite robust. This post is very informative! 🙂

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  3. cedrik says:

    the price for rent a quad is from 2017? Because i found around 25-35e per day at last web search

    • ZanteHolidayInsider says:

      Hey Cedrik,

      The price is from 2017 – the time the guide was written. On the other hand, the price varies based on the service provider.

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