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Kalamaki - The family resort you'll fall in love with.

As you may see from the map, the resort is really close to the airport of Zakynthos. That means, the airplanes' landing and taking off all day will produce a lot of noise, if you're a light sleeper. On the other hand, there are not much night flights, coming to Zante and taking off, the earliest flight taking off is in 06.00 am. The noise can be somewhat disturbing, but this is not an big issue, for sure. The western part of the resort is close to the airport, and is affected by its location, but not much.


Of clear Sunshine

Beautiful Mediterranean climate.

Weather in Kalamaki is warm, mild, and with high temperatures during summer seasons, and weak winter. Our weather page can tell you more about the weather in Kalamaki, and Zante in general. Usual temperature around the hottest period in year (mid July - mid August) is 33 degrees Celsius (91 degrees Fahrenheit). Rain days are commonly rare here. Many weather forecasts  predict thunderstorms or heavy rain, and you don't get to experience that for real.

Natural reservation for turtles.

The beach between Kalamaki and Laganas is a natural reservation where giant loggerhead turtles (the  Caretta-Caretta) lay their eggs; the area is forbidden for interaction with nests, bringing your own umbrella to put into the sand, or sun beads. Natural, and free from spoil of people's waste, the beach is great to visit and relax on. Sea is crystal clear, warm, and shallow, making the ideal place for nesting of the turtles. Alongside small turtle island in the gulf called Marathonisi (which looks like a turtle observed from above) this is the one place where the majority of turtles lay their eggs. They don't mind airplanes landing right above their area, though.
You have to be careful, the authorities watch over the nests, and strive to preserve the species at high level. When you break some of the rules (throwing garbage, messing up the sand, or touching the nests) you can be fined for a notable sum.

Quiet, and resort much suitable for families, or couples the most. Good atmosphere, and lots of quality places for fine leisure time. Your youngsters will enjoy here, because lots of places have separated areas for children.

Beside that, the sea is warm and shallow, without big waves,  suited for small kids, so you won't have to worry when you let them play on the beach.  Lots of beach toys and gear is available on the shops and many accommodations' open pools. Yes, pools are open for everybody to enter, no restrictions for the accommodation guests.

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Where to stay in Kalamaki?

Here are some quick facts for you:

Number of Accommodation structures in Kalamaki

Several very big hotels, dozen of medium hotels and dozens of studio apartments are available in the resort.

Lowest price in € for a room in Kalamaki

Based on €, the monetary unit in Greece, per person per night

Highest price in € for a room in Kalamaki

Based on €, the monetary unit in Greece, per person per night

Average number of days of a holiday in Kalamaki

The number of nights stayed in the resort, by the data from 2012-2014

Which accommodation to pick?

We already covered the topic of Accommodation for the Zante, you'll find plenty of useful info there, and advice on how to book and where to stay. When you're choosing where to stay in Kalamaki, you have to suit your needs properly. If you come with kids, you'll going to need space, and separate rooms for them, or space and conditions for the equipment if you bring toddlers along.

The location of farthest accommodation is 10 minutes of walk from the sea - a quick stroll and your feet are wet in salty waters. The whole resort is situated around the beach, and you'll be near the beach no matter where you chose to stay. Some resorts have better views, or higher class furniture, so you have to pick according to your needs. You can be rest assured that your needs will be sorted and you can find great place to have an amazing holiday in Kalamaki.

 Take a look at some of the accommodations:

What to do in Kalamaki?

Kalamaki is a friendly, atmospheric and lovely resort, where you can have a quality leisure time. The main strip offers you many bars, restaurants and tavernas, entertainment objects, souvenir shops, and recreation services that will make your holiday an quality experience.

You can rent vehicles & bicycles to explore the beautiful nature and find your unique spots. Or you can enjoy in disco music in bars, after a sip or two.

While staying in Kalamaki, be sure to check these services:

Shopping in Kalamaki

We all love shopping, and a holiday isn't complete if we don't get a unique souvenir or something special to remind us of the great time we had. Kalamaki has a fair amount of shops to suit your needs, from tourist merchandise, supermarkets, to souvenir shops. Jewellery, pottery, stuffed toys and many attractive products can decorate your house and always remind you of the holidays in Kalamaki.

You can get almost everything from the shops around the resort, as they are stocked with Greek-brand products. There is international merchandise as well, but don't expect to get an original stuff just like you get home because imported goods are usually produced in third world countries. So, don't expect an original Nivea products, etc., but you'll be just fine with the Greek alternatives. We suggest you taste something different every day. Here is the list of the shops and stores in Kalamaki:
 Tourist Shops:
  • Anna Kiosk
  • Dennis Tourist Shop
  • Anastasia Accessories
  • Merlis Tourist Shop
  • Anastasia Accessories
  • Leatherland
  • Limnos
  • Super Market 7 Islands
  • Super Market Express

Food is one of the main reasons we enjoy traveling. The delicious meals improve our cultural experience, and we get to know the traditions on the kitchen in the country. On the other hand, who doesn't like a tasty meal?

Greek hospitality and dining are some of the reasons why many return to Greece every year, and Kalamaki is not an exception. You won't find a lot of seats in the restaurants available during the season, just because every restaurant and taverna in Kalamaki works well.

Alongside tasty Greek meals, you can have specialties from many world cuisines, and compare the quality of the meals with your buddies. Greek chefs will make sure to deliver the finest meals for you.

There are many beautiful places to check out, and several meals not to miss. We wrote about the Zante food in detail already, and here we'll provide you with restaurants and tavernas not to miss in Kalamaki.

Kalamaki Food

Make sure you try Solomos Wine and Mouzakis Wine! tweet this buttton

Restaurants in Kalamaki:

Buon Amici









Nightlife in Kalamaki is diverse. You can expect some quality nights and quality time spent in the numerous bars and clubs in this resort. You won't see many disgusting things that drunken youngsters can do during wild drunk nights - this happens in Laganas.

Karaoke nights are big here. You'll have quality time hanging out at the hotel parties, pool parties, and all-day long events, ending with a big party in the night. Private hotel parties last long, and the atmosphere is private, yet very sophisticated. Greek nights with lots of drinks and friendly atmosphere, traditional dancing, and plate smashing will bring out the most of the Zakynthian nightlife close to you.

Very loud music can sometimes hurt your ears, and partying until the sunrise is very hard to survive, especially intoxicated. Make sure you have the energy for it, and stay hydrated.
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The usual practice is to continue the party when your hotel party comes to an end, heading to Laganas or Zante town because the distance is not long. Nightlife in Zante is exciting, and your holiday here will be memorable. Kalamaki offers several clubs and bars that provide different atmospheres to suit everyone's taste.

Here are some of them:

Kalamaki Bars & Clubs (click the name to learn more)

1Cave Bar
One of the oldest bars in Kalamaki, found in mountainous surrounding. This bar is built in the cave area, and it uniqueness is surpassed only by the quality of the service. Cave Bar Kalamaki is a great place to hang out and relax.
2Drunk Corner
This is one happy place where you'll meet the interesting people, have a great time, and make some (drunken) memories. Check their Facebook page.
3Iguana Bar
This is an all-round place, providing services through day and night. You can have a quality time during day, watch some sports or chill out, or come to the party later and have a good time. Here's their Facebook Group.
4Sofia's Pool Bar
Place where great pool parties take place. Also, here's where you'll have an amazing time dining, watching your favorite game, chilling out, or participating in some interesting activities around the pool. The place looks amazing, and provides great time.
5Venue Cocktail Bar
Here you can taste more than 50 different cocktails. Impressive. A family-run business, Venue Cocktail Bar is one of the oldest and most recognized bars in Kalamaki. Main strip of Kalamaki is the location.
6Mojito Bar
Mojito Bar is a place of lovely atmosphere, dicounted cocktails, and great times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find about everything that you've might ask about Kalamaki, or having a vacation at this resort. All the questions you might want to know about, which might haven't had answers online. 

We will try our best to supply you with the best possible answers and guide you to have the best holiday in Kalamaki. 

Feel free to contact us if you have some questions we haven't answered.

Useful Kalamaki Info

Tonis Moto Rentals - one of the pioneers providing this service. Here's the number: (0030) 6945441553

There are also

Hermes car rentals



We talked about taxi transfers throughout the island here, and you should definitely follow the advice. Always ask the driver for the price in front.

There are several taxi companies operating on the whole island, which will provide services for you.

Zante Diamond Transport is situated in Kalamaki

Zante Medical Care is a group of multi-lingual doctors and medical professionals operating in 5 resorts in Zakynthos, including Kalamaki.

The electrical plugins are european standardized, and you'll need adapters for them.

Depending of your accommodation, all of the appliances will be provided by landlord.

Many hotels offer this option for their guests, but our opinion is: it's not worth it.

You wouldn't want to stay in your hotel and surrounding areas for the whole holiday, especially with so many attracting restaurants and tavernas, clubs and bars around.

Next, the quality of all-inclusive service in Kalamaki can have some improvements. Especially if you're used to quality all-inclusive service.

For an exclusive holiday, you can have a 60-100 euros daily budget for married couple.

This will cover expenses of eating out, tours and excursions, and some rentals as well.

Nightlife - included.

We did the whole Weather page for you.

Weather in Kalamaki is among the hottest in the island.

Kalamaki is one of the quiet resorts in Zakynthos, but it is popular and crowded during the peak season.

For an ultimate experience, visiting Kalamaki in May and September is advised. 

If you're not bothered with more crowded surroundings, you can visit the resort any time during the season. 

Not many hotels and accommodations are open during offseason, but if you're able to visit Kalamaki in this period, you will be rewarded with unique experience.

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