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You decided to come to Zante for a holiday.

Great decision, congratulations! You won't regret it.

First of all, it's time to choose how you will get to Zante. Here you will get the info about the flights to Zante, as one of the most common ways of traveling to islands of the Ionian Sea.

From finding the best airline to the actual voyage, we've got tips and advice that will help you sort out everything.  Whether it’s related to airfare, flights to Zante or your preparation and travel, you’ll find it all here.

Everybody knows that from packing, setting up everything, arranging transport, booking flights and finding the exact gateway something can go wrong and make your holiday a lot worse than you expected.

(Sometimes, it can be frustrating so much, that you wish to simply quit everything.)

How many times you heard people say: "I will never fly with this company again!”?

Their opinions are based on a onetime experience, and that is simply wrong. All of them can be equally bad or good, depending on the crew, traffic and, of course, the time of year. The best airline is the one that gets you where you are going without delays for the best price with the fewest stops and layovers.  It is not unusual to have a worse experience on a flight which you paid more than your friend who paid less and had a splendid trip.

Sometimes, luck can be the main cause why you wrote a bad review in the airport guestbook (Have you ever left a bad comment in a guestbook on an airport?). Furthermore, you must know that when you had a bad experience on a flight, it doesn't mean that the airline company is bad, and you should never go with them again. In the last few years, the standards of all the airlines have been falling steadily so it does not matter with whom you fly anymore.

Small head's up - Section info:

This section will show you how to have the best airport and flight experience, everything about transportation on Zante. What to do when you're stranded in an airport, how to spend your delay times, how to pack your stuff the best way, and how to manage them so they don't end lost, and many more.

All of that with the insider info, of course.

Which airline company to choose? Where to book your flights to Zante?

The first and the most important question. Maybe the toughest one.

If you're like the average Joe, you’ll go for Tripadvisor or Booking.com, and feel fine, but the fact is, you can find something cheaper. (Those two giants are more suitable for hotel booking, and user-generated reviews.)

The main advice for everyone who wants to book a flight to Zante is to book their flight as soon as possible. (Like workers do) That is the first rule in the book. If you book for a flight in May, and now it's like, December, the chances are you will get a much cheaper price or a discount.

There are hundreds of companies with cheap flights, and all of them compete for the customers, so why not exploit their battle of low prices, cheap airfare tickets and travel commodities, right? Sites like SkyscannereasyJetTravel SupermarketCheapflights.co.uk will get you great discounted prices with around-the-year service. Of course, everybody else is trying to go for the lowest price and the best service for their money, so you have to be thorough and patient.

Flying to Zante is just the first step because once you arrive at the airport you’ll have various options for getting around. You could hire a taxi or use the bus, but renting a car is the best option and gives you the freedom to explore the island. There are various car rental agents at the airport but it’s always best to book before you arrive using a comparison site, or a reputable broker such as Rhinocarhire.com.

Here are some resources for you, you will definitely find a suitable flight for yourself , guaranteed.

Advice: Try to match 3 best offers for your wanted time period, and compare. With a 5-10 mins of exploring, you will get the best deal.

We wish you a nice flight to Zante, and a great holiday!

Please tell us in comments how do you book your flights and did you manage to get a great deal for your Zante flight? Also, if you liked the article, please share it with your friends on social media.


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