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Have you experienced a holiday where at the end you thought: "Boy, was that awesome!"

Have you visited places that made a profound impression on you?

Had meals at lovely restaurants? Made beautiful memories, got cool souvenirs, have wonderful stories to tell?
Had holidaythat you will never forget, and are simply dying to relive again?

Can you say that your last holiday was truly remarkable?

Zante holidays can be awesome. If you had been here, you'd know.

“But what makes them so awesome,” I hear you ask. It’s actually a sum of all of the fun stuff you can do on a Zante holiday.

And today you'll find out about 12 actionable things that make Zante holidays truly remarkable.

People are sometimes just plain lazy.

People generally spend their summer holidays lying on the beach, ignoring the possibility of exploring and getting familiar with the culture and tradition of the place they are visiting.

People are basically ignoring the possibility of an adventure.

You came to your holiday, you just want to relax. Don't want to rush here and there, just lie around. Sunbed, your favorite book, and a set of colorful cocktails that will lead you into a state of fine relaxation on the beach conveniently close to your hotel room. Everything is there at arm’s length, and you're feeling comfy.

The harsh reality is that people are so lazy that when they come to some exotic place (like Zante) they don't get to see more than 10% of everything resort (or an island) has to offer.

Lousy 10%.

The laziness is the real life killer, and makes people go more and more dull and lifeless. Not to mention that lazy people age faster.

For the love of God, move!

You could have Zante holidays so interesting, exhilarating, and so joyful that you could become three times more ALIVE. The purpose of all traveling  and holidays is to "recharge batteries", move from your well-known home based area, explore the new places and enjoy the new and exciting stuff that you never did before. The mere enjoyment recharges you better than countless hours lying on the sunbed near the hotel pool and bar. 

So, knowing this, who wouldn't want to go to Zante and have an adventurous, interesting and exciting holiday? Let's see the hottest topic considering holidays here.

What to do in Zante?

1. Set sails off the Zante beach

...Figuratively. Rent a small pedal boat and stroll away from the shore for some time, explore the waters, look at the sea and enjoy the fine sea breeze. Small pedal boats were extremely popular over the previous years, regardless if you're 18 or 58. They have a small slide for you to glide to water, and you can even catch a great tan as a bonus.

Pedaling and swimming in the open sea will get your blood rushing, and will definitely make you feel alive. Remember, the more alive you feel the better time you’re having.

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The fun is guaranteed, and it won't cost you a fortune. The usual rates are around 15 euros for an hour.

2. Ride a horse on Zante beach/seaside

How about riding a horse as a new adventurous activity for you to take on while on Zante? If you like the idea, trust me, it isn’t much of a hassle to make it happen.

When you read about horse riding, it doesn't seem like the most interesting thing to do, and that's where you're wrong. It is thrilling, especially if you haven’t done it before. Your heart will pound like crazy, and it will surely be a memorable part of the holiday.

There is indeed something you should know about horse riding; people get SCARED when they come near a horse. Countless times have I seen excited and enthusiastic people ready to go, but once they see a horse which is much bigger than they expected, they sort of chicken out. Soon enough, they start complaining or making excuses, avoiding the experience.

Don't be scared, and take this unforgettable ride. You can choose which horse you'd like to ride, and for how long. The guides and horse trainers will help you out with a basic course and with a few pro tips to make the bumpy ride more comfortable. You can have the horse riding class here as well.


3. Experience the adrenaline of Zante watersports

Just imagine a day at the beach; you are taking a swim, relaxing in the shallow water or simply working on your tan. And then, all of a sudden, you see a bunch of people on a big banana-like blob screaming while being dragged by a speedboat.

The very next moment, a guy on a sailboard with a huge sail buzzes in front of you cutting through the waves. A Jet Ski rider is on this furious machine flying through water. Above you: Paragliding on a huge altitude with a parachute dragged by speedboat.

So you’re thinking to yourself: "Wow. I would like to try that. That’s just amazing."

Well, don't just sit there and watch it, go and do it! There are dozens of services offering interesting rides, and you're bound to find something suitable. Just be brave enough to try and you will enjoy it, no matter what you pick. Here is a small gallery of services offered.

You can visit Valais WatersportsBanana - Watersports, & St.Nicolas Watersports for lots of additional info.

Pure adrenaline rush will get your blood flowing and hart pumping. Girls scream a lot during rides.

Insider Info

Looking for Zante Watersports Prices? Here is a small help for you 

Type of ride/serviceNumber of personsPrice (euros)
Banana Ride4-8~13  per person
Ringo Ride2-4~15 per person
Water SKi1~35
Fly Fish3-6~20 per person
Jet Bike1~40
Banana Ride4-8~13 per person
Crazy Sofa2-4~15 per person

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4. Hike on the mountain paths

5. Go Snorkeling / Diving

The Ionian Sea around Zante is definitely a site worth visiting in its own right because of its clarity and color. The gentle shades of light blue, turquoise and deep dark blue overlap in an array of beautiful underwater scenery. The sea’s flora and fauna here has amazed underwater explorers for centuries. 

 If you have had previous experiences with snorkeling or professional diving, you'll be happy to know that here you can dive up to 50 meters of depth in several places. You can also explore many caves on Zante (there is around 400 caves above sea level and dozens submerged in water).

If you haven't had the experience, you should by all means try this. Snorkeling isn't like anything you ever experienced.

Don't be scared of the aforementioned 50 meters of depth, as a beginner, you’ll be diving up to 8 meters of depth in water. Instructors basically don't allow more. It's more than enough for the first time and you'll be stunned by the underwater sights. Once you’re down there, you'll have company, little fishes that will get near you, colorful seashells, and nature itself in her purest form.

This experience can cost around 50 euros, and it's worth every cent. It will last about two hours. There are various services throughout the island, like "Turtle Beach",  "Reef-Club-Zante"Euro Divers, and others. This fine article about divers from Greeka will give you more info.

6.Find and visit the Askos Stone Park

Askos Stone Park is a 150 acres park space where you can see 170.000 plants of Zakynthos, as well as a well-populated Zoo-like community. Hundreds of animals are living free in their natural habitats. There are wild hawks of many species, many representative mammals of the island, many species of birds, amphibians, insects and other native animals. The park's area got its name because it contains several stone constructions, resembling ancient stables that were used as basins cut into the rock for water collection. Their use has long been surpassed, but because of their age they have got in harmony with the natural environment.

Scientific research organizations (for example - farming schools) are welcome to the Park for any scientific research during which they may use the Park's property or the surrounding area throughout the year. You can spend the whole day in Askos Stone Park (and you should) because there are many cute animals to "hang out" with, great scenery, and a general feeling of calmness and nature. 

7. Explore like a pro - Rent a vehicle

If you'd like to find beautiful sites to explore such as the Askos Stone Park, you will need a vehicle to get there faster and easier. The choices are numerous, from a simple bicycle all the way up to the luxury cars that are available for rent. 

The island has many businesses that rent vehicles. You can choose from small bikes, bigger ones, even quad bikes. Jeeps are also available (look at the right) as are the more comfortable cars. 

You can reach and explore every corner, as 90 minutes would be enough to reach almost any destination in Zante. The possibilities for exploration are enormous. You can visit Zante Rent a CarAuto Moto ClubFaros Rentals, & Potamia Rentals for loads of more info.

Try some of the Jeep Safari routes with guides and get a different experience of the island with trained professionals.

If you like to be prepared and rent a car online, one of the best choices is Rhinocarhire.com, where you'll find great vehicles before you even land on Zante.

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Looking for Zante Rental Vehicle rates / prices? Here's a small help.

8. Go Biking around Zante

Biking in Zante can be REALLY exciting. You can set up a biking route with a friend, gear up and go around the island. You’ll find amazing little spots where you can enjoy the peace and serenity. You can discover vast number of coves, caves, beautiful scenery, views and stunning surroundings. Zante is full of it as Nature was very generous when it comes to this island. If you dare and do this adventurous trip during your holiday, you will not regret.

You must know, this feat will take a lot from you. If you're not prepared for cycling for several hours, biking is not for you. But, no matter how scary and tough this might be, the rewards that you can reap are extraordinary. When you drive through the mountain roads, forests, and bumpy rocky roads, even ones not intended for biking, the adrenaline rush and feeling is amazing. This is a one-time experience. The best part is when you find a small, hidden piece of paradise just for your partner and you.

9. Go Bowling


Bowling is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Have you tried it?

If you haven’t tried bowling so far, you could be driven back first time by the big and heavy bowls thinking that you'll be a mess, and that you won't hit anything. Don't worry about that. You're spending time quality time with friends; you can relax and have fun without worrying who is hitting and who’s not. By the way, bowling isn’t that difficult you’ll get the hang of it.

Once you get to know bowling, that’s where all the fun starts. More often than not rivalries are born, and then you'll develop a habit (an urge would be a better word) of playing this game with friends.

"Next Thursday we will beat you guys!"

To know where to go bowling in Zante, you can visit Bowl'm Over for more info.

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10. Visit Zante Waterparks

Are there people that don’t like waterparks? Of course not. Everybody loves them. Going down a giant slide at nerve-breaking speed and feeling the adrenaline in the huge drops is definitely a memorable experience.  Consider visiting the waterparks no matter what.

The waterparks on Zante are child-friendly and I bet it would mean the world to them if you took them on the rides.

Look at what Zante water parks have to offer.

There are two waterparks in Zante, Water Willage in Sarakinado, and Waterpark in Tsilivi, use their official sites if you need more info. Usual water park entrance fee is around 14 euros, which includes a whole day stay, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

11. Party Hard - Zante style

Zante's is famous for its nightlife.

Around 250 thousand people visit this island during the summer season. This number is in a steady upward, and with the trend rising, partying is a way many choose to shake off years of stressful jobs they're tied up to every day.

Screaming and jumping like crazy 'till the morning comes. 

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Here are some of the most popular events that happen here. 

12. Meet with strangers and enjoy Zante experiences together

There is 250 thousand of tourists coming to Zante every year. 

That's a lot of people. And, if you followed us on this lengthy post, you'll have hours of great video material.

Loads of superb pictures to share and show off to your friends. 

You'll have memories. 

Great memories are the purpose and pinnacle of everything, they are what life is all about.

Meeting someone new (a person or a group of people) on your adventures during your holiday in Zante will make every experience that more memorable and enjoyable.

That's how GREAT memories are made. Friendships, the great feeling that you had on the holiday, all of the things that will always remind you of Zante. The ones that you'd want to come back to. 

Tell us your way of having an awesome holiday on Zante or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Share this article with your friends as it might give you all ideas for your next awesome holiday.

A traveler knowledge junkie and Zante habitant every summer season, where he helps travelers have the best holiday on the island.


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